Reseller Hosting

Web hosting is vital for all sorts of websites that want to make a presence on the internet. Loads of companies offer website hosting at very reasonable price. A person who wants to have a website with good quality then, he can find a best webhosting company very easily over the internet and compare the prices. The webhosting can classified into shared webhosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated web hosting. These all three type of webhosting different in terms and prices at which they offered individually.


Reseller hosting is type of webhosting in which web host buy the bulk plan from a hosting company and then, divides the bulk plan into smaller plans. These smaller plans resell to different individual users. The resellers can sell space and bandwidth via a rented dedicated server. This kind of web hosting is very inexpensive method to host the websites on the internet.

The reseller host can classified as according to the role played by them. A reseller host can proceed as an agent for a company. In such case the customers buy a hosting plan direct from the web hosting company, for this, the resellers get their commission on the basis of sales made by them. A reseller host may also proceed as a marketer for the main webhosting company. The reseller only advertise the hosting plans and then sell to the customers, the customers get their hosting plans direct from the web hosting company and once when the hosting plan sold then, the customers contact directly to the web hosting company not to the reseller.

On the other hand, a reseller may also work on his own instead of working as an agent or middleman. When the reseller work on his own then, he buys the bulk plans and sells them into smaller parts to the customers and in such case the reseller actually work like web hosting company.

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Is WordPress Good for Web Designers?

WordPress is very popular blogging platform used on million of websites from all over World. But it’s not just for blogging;  it can be used as a content management system for almost any type of websites. This is what makes it great for web designers to use it for their clients. If you are a web design freelancer working for many clients you know how important time is, and you probably spend fifty percentage of your time networking and the on phone etc. So being able to design a website quickly and effectively really important for you, and WordPress can do just that.

With the help of WordPress you will be able to offer clients websites with easy to use content management function, as well as the advantages of able to update the contents themselves. This can really set yourself apart from the competitions. Also, because WordPress use a theme based system, you can change the design or have multiple websites built quickly. And if you are familiar with PHP then you can customize it to handle just about anything. Since most of the functions are straight forward you can just find the files you need and update those.

The plugin system that built inside WordPress allows you or your clients to add functions to the site without doing any coding. Over thousands of plugins are made available on the net today for free. Just about any functions you can think of is out there and can be added quickly with a few mouse clicks. And if you don’t like it you can always switch it off. The fact that WordPress is so flexible is good for you as web designer, and for your clients too. Being able to change simple things like the link text without coding any HMTL will help your client to save money and be in control of their asset. Of course you will need to make them aware of this in the initial stage. So yes WordPress is great for web designers of all levels.

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